My Campaigns

The Wayfindr My Campaigns tool helps jobseekers to effectively benchmark, manage, and evaluate their progress through the job application process. The My Campaigns tool also feeds critical information to the Student Activity tool for educators.

The Job Application Funnel 

When a good career adviser meets a jobseeker struggling in their job search, three simple questions are generally all that’s needed to reveal what’s holding the jobseeker back:

  • How many applications have you submitted?
  • How many interview requests have you received?
  • How many job offers have you received?

On average, an entry-level jobseeker should expect to submit 15 good job applications to land one good job offer, undertaking three distinct interview processes in between. In other words:

15 applications = 3 interview processes = 1 job offer.

Successful jobseeking requires an appropriate mix of volume and quality.

The My Campaigns Tool

The My Campaigns Tool serves as an inbuilt career adviser, encouraging individuals to treat their jobseeking efforts as a funnel and, accordingly, achieve the balance of volume and quality required to be successful.


1. Benchmarking for Volume

Submitting enough good applications is the hurdle that fells most otherwise perfectly competent entry-level jobseekers.

When a jobseeker creates a new campaign in Wayfindr, entering, in the process, a desired number of job offers by a desired start date, they are presented with a corresponding weekly/monthly job applications benchmark.

As well as setting total benchmarks, the My Campaigns tool tracks progress in real-time.

Volume must, of course, always be paired with quality.

2. Benchmarking for Quality (Applications)

A jobseeker who has submitted a good volume of applications but received few or no interview requests has a poor application-to-interview ratio.

15 applications = 3 interview processes = 1 job offer

An application-to-interview ratio of less than 5:1 (i.e. 15 applications resulting in 3 interview request) may indicate one of two problems. Either:

i) their resume isn’t effectively signaling their suitability for the job, or;

ii) the jobs they are applying to are unsuitable.

Wayfindr uses information-rich jobseeker profiles and job profiles, each with a suite of unique and innovative features, designed to maximize the exchange of useful information in each and every jobs market interaction.

Additionally, Wayfindr’s Visual Matching tool allows jobseekers to see which job requirements – grouped by Academics, Work Experience, and Skills criteria – they do and do not meet, before they apply.

As well as presenting jobseekers with a real-time reflection of their application-to-interview ratio, whose algorithm intelligently reflects the status of each job as “active”, “rejected” or “closed”, the My Campaigns tool also invites jobseekers to rank their applications.

As with college applications, jobseekers should be encouraged to submit a healthy mix of applications to “dream”, “reach”, and “safety” jobs.

Except to add granularity to the applications per month tracking chart and, of course, to encourage jobseekers to consider the suitability of a job more deeply, this feature has no downstream effects.

3. Benchmarking for Quality (Interviews)

A jobseeker who has received a good volume of interview requests but received few or no job offers has a poor interview-to-offer ratio.

15 applications = 3 interview processes = 1 job offer

An interview-to-offer ratio of less than 3:1 (i.e. 3 interview processes resulting in a job offer) may indicate poor interview technique.