My Skills

The Wayfindr My Skills tool helps jobseekers compare their skillsets to the jobs market in real-time. The My Skills tool also feeds critical information to the Student Skills tool for educators. 

The Skills Gap

Today, a large proportion of the most highly educated (and indebted) generation cannot secure jobs in line with their educational attainment. 

According to a recent study by the Federal Reserve of New York, 46% of recent graduates are underemployed (in jobs not requiring a degree). And, according to a recent study undertaken by McKinsey & Company, 45% of employers are unable to fill entry-level jobs due to a lack of skills.

The skills gap is affecting the newest job market entrants today. Tomorrow, as the fourth industrial revolution brings about greater skills instability, the skills gap may well affect all of us. 

Plugging the skills gap via the effective dissemination of skills information through the jobs marketplace - from employers (skills demand) to individuals and educators (skills supply) - is central to Wayfindr's mission. 

Wayfindr provides an effortless means for employers to project skills information (both skills required for a job and the skills acquired from a job) into the marketplace via job postings. 

Wayfindr's My Skills tool for indiviiduals and Student Skills tool for educators propagates skills information in real-time so that the suppliers of skills (individuals and educators) can respond quickly to the consumers of skills (employers) quickly and effectively.

My Skills Tool


Wayfindr has a unique approach to the application and acquisition of skills. 

Jobseekers are able to assess their current skillset compared with the jobs they have either saved or applied to, and obtain an overview of the most represented skills that they either have or need. 

In addition, there are key developmental actions a Jobseeker can take at this point, from searching for other jobs that utilize the skills they do have, to searching for jobs and programs that provide the skills that they don't have.

Student Skills Tool


We have a goal of ensuring the insights that Jobseekers obtain can be transformed into achieving greater things. 

For our Education partners, we group together skills inputted by their students, combined with the interest the illustrate by saving and applying to jobs, and present a single easily consumable interface. In real-time, our Skills Analysis tool can demonstrate where Employers are signaling requirements for skills that Students currently do not have. 

We give Educators the method to identify, segment and contact those students, to enable rapid, outcome improving changes. Furthermore, the tool also identifies particularly well-performing teaching, which can serve as a model for future skill development.