A conscious solution to unconscious bias.

Wayfindr profiles contain a wealth of information, deliberately so. They are designed to maximize the exchange of useful information between prospective employees and employers, early in the hiring process. Sometimes though, less can be more.

When switched on, BlindHire prevents all users attached to an employer account from seeing any applicant information that informs unconscious biases - including video bios, profile images, full names, home towns, and language skills - across the entire platform.

This information is only revealed after an employer has messaged an applicant, thereby expressing an interest in speaking further and/or arranging an interview with the candidate.


BlindHire Off

BlindHire On

BlindHire's patent-pending approach to unconscious bias is superior to other solutions in three critical ways:

First, on Wayfindr, information is blocked at the source. Other solutions generally allow information to enter into an employer's ATS or CMS system unredacted to be redacted later. This generally means that some, though not all, parties within an organization will have access to unredacted information.

Second, on Wayfindr, information is only revealed after contact with a candidate has been initiated. Generally, most other systems simply allow a recruiter to unredact information at will. This does not have the effect of progressing the hiring process with an individual free of unconscious bias.

Third, on Wayfindr, when BlindHire is switched on, a badge (of honor, no less) is displayed on an employer's profile to signal their support of and adherence to unbiased hiring. (Though employer's made even hide this badge if desired.)