Wayfindr Glimpses

Wayfindr Glimpses are a set of highly customizable text, list, image, and video tiles that can be added to Individual, Employer, and Educator Profiles. They can also be added Job (employer), Program (educator), and Event (employer and educator) postings.

Glimpses are designed to humanize hiring by revealing a 'glimpse' of an individual's personality, interests, and aspirations or of a company's people, culture, and values. All important decision-making factors not communicated by traditional resumes and text job descriptions.

Glimpses support a central Wayfindr theme to provide more information to both individuals and employers, earlier in the hiring process. Making for more mutually authentic, transparent, and efficient hiring experiences. 

Glimpses on an Employer Profile

Text Glimpses provide great mediums for company mission statements, quotes from company leadership, and company accolades.

Image Glimpses can be single or double tiles. They offer a great way to share staff events, office and campus photos, and staff bios. And they can be accompanied by (overlaid or adjacent) short text passages. 

Video Glimpses can also be single or double tiles with accompanying short text passages. They provide easily consumable spots for office or campus tours, staff interviews, promotional videos, and more.

Take a look at BlackRock's clean and simple demo company profile for inspiration.

Glimpses on Job Postings

In addition to the standard array of text, list, image, and video Glimpses, Job listings may contain three additional type of Glimpses:

Selection Process GlimpsesTime wasted on applicants dropping out midway through the selection process is a common complaint, especially in a tight jobs market. Set expectations early in the process and avoid wasting time on uninformed and uncommitted applicants by helping job seekers better understand your selection process before they apply.

What You'll Do & Learn GlimpsesWayfindr's unique treatment of skills information is another of its central themes: to frictionlessly transmit skills information - both skills required and skills acquired by and from certain opportunities - across the market place from employers to individuals and educators. 

Our Matching Criteria feature provides applicants a visual comparison of skills possessed against the skills required to get the job. Helping applicants to easily assess their fit before applying and, with the help of the My Skills tool, assess and improve their skillsets on an ongoing basis.

And our What You'll Do and Learn Glimpse provides a visual representation of skills that will be acquired from a job. Independently, this is a powerful feature as skill acquisition consistently ranks among the top three most important motivators for career moves.

Additionally, all too often, especially among entry and junior level applicants, candidates arrive for interview with a poor understanding of the role and its day-to-day functions. Better informed applicants make for more efficient and rewarding downstream screening and selection processes.

Career Path Glimpses: Like skill acquisition, career growth is another important driver of career moves. The Career Path Glimpse allows companies to demonstrate possible career paths including, if they wish, real examples of staff at varying levels across a team, department or company.

Take a look at our dummy job posting for more Glimpses inspiration.