Wayfindr Verifications

Reference checking can be a slow and costly process. 

Moreover, references are increasingly avoiding answering reference checking agencies subjective questions (e.g. did Jane leave on good terms?) for fear, real or imagined, of reputational or even legal repercussions. Consequently, many reference checks yield little more than a confirmation of title, employment type, and start and end dates.

The need for employers to wait (an average 7 days) and pay (between $30 and $70) to receive confirmation on information we could otherwise provide instantly and for free struck us as a inefficiency worth resolving. 

On Wayfindr, a green tick next to a job title demonstrates that the applicant's position - job title, job type, office location, start and end dates - have been reviewed and verified by the employer in question right on the platform (via their Wayfindr employer dashboard).

No more waiting for reference checks to be completed, at the end of the hiring process after interviews have been conducted and contingent offers have been made. Instead, have confidence in an applicant's work history the moment you lay eyes on their profile at the beginning of the hiring process. And, as well as no more waiting, no more paying either.

Here's how it works

When a job seeker adds work experience to their profile, Wayfindr invites them to submit a Verification request to the employer. The employer will then receive a Verification request queued up in the Manage Verifications section of their Wayfindr employer dashboard (they'll also receive an email). The Verification request, which contains the requester's stated job title, job type, office location, start and end dates, can be approved, returned with suggested minor corrections, or declined.