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Wayfindr is a 21st century career platform designed to transform the way we look for jobs, hire new team members, and plan for future skill needs.

The Anatomy of an Individual Wayfindr Profile

Unlike regular jobs sites, Wayfindr doesn't simply ask jobseekers and employers to upload a bland 600-word resume and job description. 

Resumes and text job descriptions hinder the hiring process. Both are low fidelity representations of complex people and complex groups of complex people (companies). 

Instead, Wayfindr connects people and companies and educators via beautiful, information-rich, multimedia profiles.

The average recruiter spends just 5 to 7 seconds on the initial skim of a resume.

This presents a major challenge to job applicants and recruiters alike. 

Job applicants must be skilled copywriters to ensure their resumes contain just the right information in just the right format. Resumes, then, provide a great medium for hiring copywriters. But, for everyone else, not so much.

And precisely because we are not all expert copywriters recruiters who, in turn, must be able to sift through reams of text at great speed and build mental timelines and models to accurately assess a candidates suitability, are at a distinct disadvantage. 

Even among the most practiced and experienced recruiters, the possibility for false positives and false negatives is crushingly high.

False negatives, candidates you think aren't suitable but actually are, represent a missed opportunity. In the tight - and tightening - jobs market we face today, missed opportunities can mean unfilled vacancies.

False positives, candidates you think are suitable but actually aren't, represent false hope and wasted time for both prospective employee and employer.

On average, interviews last 40 minutes. But many interviewers say they are able to arrive at a decision - and stick with it - within the first 90 seconds.

In addition to conveying the more objective data points (education, experience, and skills) that signal an applicant's ability to do a job, Wayfindr profiles are designed to convey the more subjective data points (values, interests, and aspirations) that signal an applicant's long-term suitability, with respect to broader career and personal objectives and team fit.

Wayfindr profiles are designed to improve and streamline hiring decisions by providing better information, earlier in the process. 

Now, take a look. And ask yourself why we're still using a 15th century medium in the 21st century. (Leonardi da Vinci apparently produced the first curriculum vitae - "course of life" - in 1482).

Take a tour of an individual profile on Wayfindr

Keep an eye out for 5 powerful features you won't find on a resume:

1) Video intro.

2) Interactive career timeline.

3) In-profile employment verifications.

4) Intercation job functions and skills wheels (and skills attribution)

5) Personalized multimedia Glimpses.

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