Wayfindr is a 21st century career platform designed to transform the way we look for jobs, hire new team members, and plan for future skill needs.


For Employers

Wayfindr helps companies attract the right talent with beautiful, informative employer profiles and provides a powerful suite of hiring tools to help companies more effectively showcase their brand, attract and engage jobseekers, screen and select applicants, and build high-performing teams.


For Individuals

Wayfindr helps individuals tell their stories and communicate their skillsets more accurately with modern jobseeker profiles and provides an always-on career companion replete with practical career management tools. 


Wayfindr’s My Skills assessment tool compares your skills to the market in real-time and offers a universe of employment and education opportunities in which to grow them. Wayfindr’s educator profiles provide admissions and ROI data to help you make timely, well-informed investments in education and training.

For Educators

Wayfindr helps educators deliver stronger career outcomes for current students and secure pipelines of future students, empowering educators to take up a vital role in delivering lifelong learning to fuel our 21st century economy.

Wayfindr’s Student Skills tool aggregates My Skills data, enabling educators to assess their students’ skillsets and career preparedness before they enter the job market. Similarly, Wayfindr’s Student Activity tool aggregates My Campaigns data, enabling educators to see which students have been hired, who is on target to be hired, and who is struggling and in need of additional support in real-time.



Four Founding Principles

The Signaling Gap: Resumes and text job descriptions hinder the hiring process. Both are low fidelity representations of complex people and complex groups of complex people (companies).


The Skills Gap: The success of careers and companies in the future will depend our individual and collective ability to respond and adapt to increasing skills instability in the future (the 4th industrial revolution is coming).


Lifelong learning: We will all need to be both workers and learners, simultaneously. As one-time education gives way to on-time education, our careers must be managed with employment and education a single, interdependent, and ongoing continuum.


Aligned Interests: People want good careers suited to their skills. Employers want suitably skilled people. Education providers want good career outcomes to signal their quality, relevance, and value. Wayfindr unifies all three parties – and their mutual interests – in a single, accessible, information-rich marketplace.